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Vanen tro har læger, sygeplejersker og ambulancepersonale kunnet sende abstracts til bedømmelse hos DEMC's Scientific-udvalg.


De godkendte abstracts er udstillet i stueetagen.


Sammen med det øvrige konferencemateriale har alle deltagere på DEMC fået et konkurrenceark med spørgsmål om de enkelte abstracts. Smut forbi abstract-posterne og svar på spørgsmålene, så deltager du i lodtrækningen om en fed præmie.

Abstract-session i programmet

Torsdag eftermiddag fra kl. 14.00 - 14.45 er der som noget nyt lagt en hel abstract-session ind i programmet, hvor udvalgte abstract-forfattere vil præsentere deres forskning.

Godkendte abstracts

Følgende abstract er blevet godkendt til visning på konferencen:

Sygeplejersker og ambulancepersonale


 Poster nr. Indsendt af Abstract titel Præsentationsmetode 
P19  Lise Rekvad
Early detection of delirium – using the CAM score.

Mundtlig, abstractsession, lokale 11+12
P18  Jakob Wulff
Does classroom education and training boost self-reported confidence in the Urgent Care Centre.
P26 Gitte Højsgaard Paulsen
Is video communication technology building bridges between the primary health care and the emergency department in the Region of Southern Denmark?

P31 Heidi Storm Vikke
Prehospital infection control and prevention in Denmark: A nationwide cross-sectional study on guideline adherence and microbial contamination of surfaces.

Mundtlig, abstractsession, Suecia 
P27 Heidi Storm Vikke
Low compliance with hand hygiene among emergency medical service providers is a challenge: Results from an international observational study.

P25 Heidi Storm Vikke Hygiene perception and motivational factors of influence on high-quality hand hygiene performance among emergency medical service providers: Results from an international survey.

Mundtlig, abstractsession, Suecia 
P28 Kamilla Kolberg Nielsen
Municipality acute nurses based at the Emergency Department – contributing to a unique collaboration.

P24 Mette Elkjær
How do elderly persons who are discharged directly from an emergency department define and experience quality of life - A pilot study.

Mundtlig, abstractsession, lokale 11+12 
P34 Stefan Posth
Trigger team activation for acute patients in a level 1 emergency hospital.

Mundtlig, abstractsession, Nortvegia
P14 Pia Bertram  Can follow-up by the Acute Team contribute to reduce the number of hospitalizations based on preventable diagnoses?

Mundtlig, abstractsession, lokale 11+12
P17 Hanne Nygaard  Comparison Between Frailty Phenotype and Deficit Accumulation – Association with post-discharge 90-day mortality.

P20 Simon Meyer Lauritsen  Early Sepsis Detection with Deep Learning on EHR Event Sequences.  Mundtlig, abstractsession, Suecia

Hanne Mørkenborg Bové
Scheduled care – as a way of caring. A phenomenological study of being cared for when suffering from alcohol use disorders.  Foredrags-konkurrence 
P30 Tim Lindskou  Prehospital dyspnoea patients in the North Denmark Region.  Poster

P29 Dorthe Jensen Patients transfers from the Acute Admission Ward (FAM).  Poster

P32 Ninna Rysholt Poulsen  Registration of Prehospital Vital Parameters.  Mundtlig, abstractsession, lokale 11+12

Stine Emilie Junker Udesen  Characteristic and help-seeking behaviour of patients with infections who called the medical helpline 1813: a mixed methods study.  Mundtlig, abstractsession, Dania
P33 Martin Betzer  The necessity of prehospital peripheral intravenous cannulation and its relation to triage category. 

P16 Rasmus Lyngby  Clinical and environmental factors are not associated with establishment of pre-hospital intravenous access.  Mundtlig, abstractsession, Dania
P21 Simon Østergaard  Evaluation of dispatch outcomes and staffing of the Copenhagen mobile health and social care unit – Sociolancen
Mundtlig, abstractsession, Dania 
P15 Mitti Blakø  Characteristics of citizens with repeated calls within 48 hours to the Medical helpline 1813.  Poster

P22  Rune Husås Sørensen  Frailty and mortality: Braden Scale is associated with mortality among elderly, infected patients admitted to an emergency department.
Mundtlig, abstractsession, Suecia 

Claus Sixtus Jensen  Inter-rater reliability of two paediatric early warning score tools.

Claus Sixtus Jensen  Pediatric Early Warning Score Systems, nurses perspective – a focus group study.  Mundtlig, abstractsession, Dania
P23 Karin Dam Eikhof  Help me breathe, please.


 Poster nr. Indsendt af Abstract titel Præsentationsmetode 
P12  Morten Breinholt Søvsø

Triage response by two different out-of-hours healthcare services: an observational cohort study
P11 Michael Dan Arvig
The prognostic and clinical value of monitoring patients with acute dyspnea with serial focused ultrasound of the lungs (FLUS) and inferior vena cava (IVC): a systematic review.

P4 Stig Holm Jensen
Feasibility and acceptability of remote real-time ultrasound supervision.

P10 S M Osama Bin Abdullah
Prospective validation of quick Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (qSOFA) for mortality among patients with infection admitted to an emergency department.
Mundtlig, abstractsession, Kongressalen

P5 Jesper Weile

Is Point-of-Care Ultrasound Disruptive Innovation? - Formulating why POCUS is different from conventional comprehensive ultrasound.

Mundtlig, abstractsession, Nortvegia

Finn Nielsen
New-onset atrial fibrillation is associated with 28-day mortality among patients with sepsis.

Mundtlig, abstractsession, Nortvegia

P3 Malik Khalmuratov
Emergency department personnel's individual preferences should not be neglected when an IT-technology is to be introduced.

Mundtlig, abstractsession, Kongressalen
P13 Ninna Højholt Genefke Christensen
When evaluating the level of lactate in patients admitted to the ICU: could venous blood gas be equated to arterial blood gas?

P8 Peter Bank Pedersen
Prevalence and mortality of organ failure among adult patients in the Emergency Department.

P2 Tobias Hansen
Atrial fibrillation and infection among acute patients in the Emergency Department: a multicentre cohort study of one-year stroke risk.

Mundtlig, abstractsession, Nortvegia
P7 Marianne Fløjstrup
Markedly increased use of hospital resources the last six months of life.

P6 Stine Fjendbo Galili
Management of acute pain in patients using opioids. –a protocol for one descriptive and one cross sectional study.

Mundtlig, abstractsession, Kongressalen
P1 David Olsen
Ambulance technician trainee’s performance in adherence to anaphylaxis guidelines after “rapid cycle deliberate practice” compared to standard after event debriefing.