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May 1th in BJMF

May 1st is international workers day. On this day we are celebrating all the victories we workers have won – and we discuss the current struggles. Most of all it is a day of celebration and meeting colleges.

Every May 1th we meet in the union, in BJMF Mølle Allé 26 in Valby, at 7.30am. There will be breakfast, speeches and music - and also games for kids, so bring your family. Around 10am we walk in demonstration to Fælledparken and meet all the other unions.

May 1th is a day off

In the collective agreement May 1th is a day off. It is like a Saturday or Sunday. That means that you don’t go to work, and you don’t get any pay. But if you decide to go to work anyway, you should be payed extra. If you are in doubt about the rules about pay, days off etc. call BJMF here or look it up in your collective agreement.