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8. May: Ordinary General Assembly of 3F BJMF

All members of BJMF are summoned to the ordinary General Assembly of 3F-BJMF
General assembly 3F BJMF

The assembly takes place at Stæhr Johansens Vej 7, 2000 Frederiksberg

Enrollment to the assembly begins at 16:00

1. Welcome by Claus Westergreen, chairman

2. Choice of 2 conductors

3. Formalia:
a) Election of voting committee, 6 persons
b) Approval of the agenda
c) Rules of Procedure Approval
d) Protocol

4. The Board of Directors' report by Claus Westergreen, Chairman - Including the processing of the Work Plan

5. Economy
a) Accounts for 2018
b) Budget for 2020
c) Quota setting 2020

6. Suggestions 

7. Elections according to the laws

8. Ekstra

Be aware:
§ 7 p. 4 - All paying members have access to the union's general assembly
§ 7 p. 10 - Proposals that are to be considered by the general assembly are submitted in writing to the chairman no later than 5 working days before the general assembly.

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