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3F-BJMF organizes building workers in the Copenhagen area, together with our sister unions, the painters' union, the plumber's union, and the blacksmiths union

If you are unsure about which trade union you should sign up for, please contact us. 

Click here to become a member of 3F BJMF 

If you live with your employer and you do not want to receive mail from 3F, then do not type this address in the address field in the enrollment form. You might find another address where you can receive mail from 3F, in your home country or with a friend. You can also contact BJMF and we will try to help you.

You are welcome to contact us for further information, help, advice or chat. You will get an interpreter if you need it.

Translation of sign-in formular (what is marked with a star is what you are obligated to fill out.)

No CPR number?

If you have not received a cpr.nr, you can not sign up to 3F. 

But if you work in the construction industry, 3F BJMF will do whatever we can to help you get a cpr.nr. 

When or if we are successful, we will back date your membership and the membership dues to the day you first came to BJMF.