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Holiday pay and border crossing

If you work in a Danish company but have your address in your home country, you must be aware of letters from Holiday Pay Info (Feriepengeinfo) to get you holiday allowance

You will receive a letter from Feriepengeinfo to your home address the first time Feriepengeinfo receives information from an employer that you have earned a holiday. You must answer whether you are still working in Denmark or have gone back home.

If you answer that you still working in Denmark, then Feriepengeinfo will write to you again, when the holiday allowance is to be paid.

If you do not answer, then the system assumes that you have left the Danish labor market and will inform whoever has your holiday pay, that they must pay all the holiday money to your account (NemKonto).

Feriepengeinfo will continue to send this letter and to set the holiday pay for payment, every month, as long as your employer informs them about new earned holiday pay.

If the money is with Feriekonto or similar, then the money will be paid out, unless you do not have a NemKonto, in which case the money eventually will be lost.

If the money is with your employer, then there is no control over whether the employer actually pays the holiday pay to you. You have to check it yourself!