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NemID (literally: EasyID) is a common log-in solution for Danish Internet banks, government websites and some other private companies.

Everyone in Denmark who is over 15 years old and has a CPR-Number is eligible for a NemID that can be used with their bank as well as public institutions. 

Users of NemID are assigned a unique ID number that can be used as a username in addition to their CPR-Number or a user-defined username.

Users receive a card containing pairs of numbers, similar to Transaction authentication numbers. After logging in with a username and password, NemID users are prompted to enter a key corresponding to a number as part of NemID's two-factor authentication scheme. These private keys are one time use only. After all of them are used the user must get new private keys, which are generally sent to the user via mail once they're about to run out.

Who can obtain NemID?

You can obtain NemID when:

  • You have a Danish CPR number
  • You have reached the age of 15'
  • You are able to meet the ID requirements.

You need not be a Danish national. You can obtain NemID if you have a CPR number and valid ID. It is important that you have valid ID. 

Obtain NemID via Borgerservice (citizen service centre)

If you do not a Danish driver's licence or a Danish passport – or if you need to use NemID immediately – you can obtain NemID by visiting a Borgerservice (a citizen service centre) or a skattecenter (tax centre) in person.