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Finding work – with help from the union

3F BJMF is trying to establish a cooperation with big entrepreneurs in order to find work to members who do not speak danish
Find work with help from the union
Af Thomas Bentsen, a-kasseleder i 3F BJMF

These days there is a lot of construction projects going on in the greater Copenhagen area. This means a lot of job opportunities for skilled labor and good circumstances for pushing the wages up. But despite the positive situation we still face some challenges for some of our colleagues.

The Danish job market is relatively small on a European scale and finding work typically requires a good network in the trade. The positive about that is that the job application process is usually very unbureaucratic, but it can be hard to break through and find work if you don’t have a lot of connections to other colleagues.

In 3F BJMF we still have around 300 construction worker members who are unemployed and trying to find work. Some of them are colleagues from other countries who used to work on the metro. We acknowledge that not being able to speak Danish can be an obstacle when applying for work in Danish companies. But we won’t accept that our members who have experience from projects like the Metro are being turned down by Danish companies.

Therefore we are working on establishing a cooperation with the big entrepreneurs who work in the greater Copenhagen area. So we can help them get the employees they need and help our non Danish speaking members find a new job here.

If you are one of our unemployed members who feels it is extra hard to find work because you are not of Danish origin, then enter the A-kasse and talk to our employees and your colleagues about it. Do not sit alone at home with your worries. Together we are stronger.

Unemployed migrant workers meet up every Thursday at 11am in the reception hall in BJMF.