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Good luck, Thomas Bentsen!

Thomas Bentsen, former manager of BJMF's A-kasse has started new job in the national 3F A-Kasse office.
Good luck Thomas Bentsen

Thomas Bentsen, who has been a manager of BJMF's A-kasse for a long time, has decided to leave BJMF and go work in the national 3F A-Kasse office.

He is a trained bricklayer - and, said to be a good one. But 15 years ago he attended an union course on the unemployment benefit law, and it became the beginning of his affiliation with the A-Kasse.

He acknowledges that the unemployment benefit law is not exciting reading, but he realised the importance of the unemployment legislation as a political battlefield. In BJMF many people have asked what he wants in the national 3F office?

"I've want - with all my abilities - to work hard for 3F A-kasse to be as strong as possible, on behalf of BJMF and the members."

In addition to being a bricklayer and a A-Kasse employee, is also good at drawing. He has, among other things, drawn the BJMFimmigrant logo. 

Here he is in front of another one of his drawings in the trade union.