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Recommendations from BJMF concerning collective agreement (OK20)

Collective agreement: The BJMF Board recommends a NO to the 2020 Agreement
Addition to the minimum wage

A majority of the 3F BJMF's board recommends that the colleagues vote no to OK20

Also read the BJMF Building Group recommendations to vote no the OK20 

Under the slogan "Together for OK20", we have stood shoulder to shoulder with our talented negotiators, across trades and branches, for a collective agreement we could see ourselves in. Unfortunately, we did not succeed and we were all we were all forced to accept a copy of the Industrial agreement in various shades. 

We therefore recommend all colleagues to vote against for the following reasons:

  1. We demanded a real lift to the lowest paid, in solidarity with our immigrant colleagues and to ensure that the pay gap between immigrant and Danish colleagues was reduced. In the new collective agreement, the wage gap has increased.
  2. We demanded that we be allowed to negotiate our own agreement and not copy the industry agreement. It should be decentralized negotiations, but in reality the employer organization for the industry (Dansk Industri) controls the negotiation process in all branches.
  3. Many unions have stood shoulder to shoulder, and several have been denied a genuine negotiation. Our mutual credibility, strength and solidarity are at stake if we vote yes in this situation.
  4. The negotiations were conducted during a Corona pandemic, which gave employers every opportunity to squeeze our negotiators to their knees. We say no to those in the top of our union movement who sacrifice our working conditions and working life and community rights, so they can be responsible in this crisis. It would have been responsible and democratic, when society is in an emergency - to postpone the negotiations - until the country and the negotiations had been normalized again. We owe it to our members and our democracy.

We recognize that the country and our labor market are in a crisis. Among other things, we have noticed that several companies are receiving state aid under the current situation. But we can in no way accept that the employers are abusing the situation. Where are their social responsibility, their responsibility to the Danish model and the fight against social dumping?

For these reasons, we recommend that all colleagues use their vote and vote NO. 

It will be a strong signal to employers that we do not accept the dictatorship and dominance of Dansk Industri, and that we will not give up on the demand for wage increases to the lowest paid and the fight against social dumping.

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