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Working Environment Legislation

Working environment legislation includes rules specifying requirements for the working environment which must be observed by enterprises and on building sites. The objective is to ensure that the working environment is sound within all enterprises and on all building sites.

The working environment regulations for building sites are defined in the Working Environment Act. The Danish Working Environment Authority collaborates with the labour market partners – including trade unions – within the working environment area. 

Every employee has a right and a duty to refuse to continue working when safety rules are disregarded, which could lead to dangerous situations. An employer is responsible for the work being carried out responsibly in terms of health and safety.

The latest statistics from 2011 reveal that one-third of the reported accidents happened because of a fall or an unexpected crash. A quarter of the accidents happened because of acute overload of the body. In 14 percent of the cases the victim was hit by an object. The number of reported accidents is generally higher for non-Danish citizens. It is important that all workers, no matter their nationalities, draw attention to the lack of safety on construction sites in order to avoid serious accidents. Do not hesitate to inform if there are missing scaffolding, railings or fencing.

This manual is a work of reference for the working environment in the building and construction industry.

The manual provides guidelines on good working environment practice and on how the rules of the Working Environment Act can be followed within enterprises and on building sites: