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Apprentice or trainee

Information about your course and the corona situation.

Right now, Denmark is in a situation that unfortunately affects many of us in one way or another. Many trainees and apprentices will experience uncertainty with regards to their course for a period of time. We have put together a number of questions and answers that can give you an overview. 

  1. I'm an apprentice - do I just have to show up for work as usual? 
    Yes, unless you get told something different from your employer.

  2. Do I get paid if my workplace shuts down or sends me home? 
    Yes, you still need a salary. A trainee / apprentice cannot be sent home without a salary and cannot be laid off. So, even if you were to be sent home for a period of time, you still have to receive wages from your employer.

  3. I am ill - what should I do? 
    Should you become ill, you will be entitled to normal sick pay for apprentices. You are usually entitled to a salary during an illness. However, there may be seniority rules in your agreement which will be the deciding factors for when you will get paid while sick in the first part of your apprenticeship. Here, however, you will be entitled to sick pay.

    If you become ill for an extended period of time, your agreement concerning your course will be extended. Your school/training centre can help you with this. You cannot get unemployment benefits from the unemployment insurance fund as long as you are in training.

  4. I'm attending classes at the moment. How does the crisis affect me?  
    It is the school/training centre that decides whether or not to send trainees home. The school/training centre can also choose to switch to online lessons. If you are sent home from your school/training centre, it is a requirement that you make contact with the internship company: In this case, it is the company that decides what you need to do.

    At some point, you will be notified by the school/training centre as to when classes will recommence.

  5. I have to take my final test- what should I do?  
    Right now, schools are closed which also means that your final test may be postponed. This might mean that your course agreement will get extended. Right now, schools/training centres are trying to agree on how students can get through this situation in the best way possible. You will get more information as soon as possible.