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Apprentice or trainee

Your situation during the corona virus crisis

Right now, Denmark finds itself in a situation that unfortunately affects many of us in one way or another. For a while, many trainees and apprentices will experience uncertainty with regards to their course. Here, you will get an overview of what applies to you, whether you are a trainee or an apprentice

  1. Will I be sent home?  
    - Your employer may well send you home because of the crisis. Some companies will make use of the tripartite agreement to send employees home with full pay, while the employer receives state compensation. The tripartite agreement is also applicable to apprentices.

    The apprentice must receive full pay; the company will receive salary compensation equal to 90 percent of the employees’ salaries. You must contribute by agreeing to take five days holidays or days off.

    If you are on your probation period, probation is put hold hold while you are covered by the scheme. If at all possible, the apprentice must stay working at the company and not be sent home.

  2. Risk of getting laid off?
    - From the outset, you should not be laid off as an apprentice because you have signed a training agreement instead of an employment contract.

    If you are terminated despite this, it is important that you did not contribute to the termination or have an influence on the termination of the contract yourself. Also, do not accept a pledge that you can return after the crisis. Because if you accept it, you cannot continue to carry on with your training with training benefits.

    In any case, contact your local 3F department should this happen, as if a trainee/apprentice is dismissed because of the corona crisis, then the case must be brought before the union committee.

    Thereafter, you should contact your training centre and get yourself signed up for training, so you can continue your course.

  3. What about training course attendance?
    - It is the training centres that decide whether the trainees are sent home and whether distance learning/e-learning can be implemented.

    If you are sent home, you have to report to the company you are doing your training with and the company will decide on what you need to do. At some point, you will be notified by the training centre as to when classes will recommence.

  4. Will my final examination be affected?
    Right now, training centres are closed. This means that your final examination may be postponed and your course could be extended.

    On 3rd April, 3F proposed that the social partners and the government should convene and reach an agreement that ensures that apprentices and trainees can complete their courses. You will receive information as soon as we are told more about this.

  5. What about illness?
    You must call in sick as you normally would. The corona crisis will not change this protocol.  Also, please follow the advice of the Danish Health and Medicines Authority (“Sundhedsstyrelsen”).

  6. What is 3F’s stance?
    - In general, 3F strongly encourages all companies to use this opportunity to send employees home with pay and receive compensation for salary, rather than laying people off.

    3F's focus is to ensure that apprentices/trainees can continue their course and complete it. Therefore, 3F has called for a new tripartite agreement to ensure that trainees and apprentices do not find themselves in difficulties due to the crisis.

    If a company has acted too hastily and terminated a training agreement with a trainee/apprentice, 3F calls for the termination to be revoked as soon as possible.