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Contingent exemption

Unemployed members receive free membership for up to three months in connection with COVID-19.

The current corona crisis has sent many members of 3F into unemployment, during a time when finding a new job has become more difficult. 

Therefore, 3F is currently offering to exempt unemployed persons from union membership payment for a period of three months, applicable for March, April and May.

Specifically, it will apply to those who are members of both 3F’s trade union and A-kasse (unemployment insurance fund), and who are registered as unemployed via Jobnet during the months of March, April or May, regardless of the reason for unemployment.

Who qualifies for exemption from membership fees?

The exemption applies only to the union membership fee for national and local departments.

This means that you must continue to pay membership fees to your A-kasse, group and industry group membership, as well as your group life insurance.

As each local department sets its own departmental membership fee, the total union membership fee may vary depending on which department you are a member of. On average, this amounts to 465 DKK a month.

Exemption applies to all unemployed persons, on a month-to-month basis. This means that if you are unemployed solely for the month of March, but get a job again for April and May, then the membership fee exemption applies for one month only. 

Do you have to do anything?

No. The deduction will happen automatically. You will need to pay the amount stated on the bill. If you are unemployed, or have been unemployed during the applicable period, you will subsequently receive a reduced membership fee.

In practical terms, there will be a delay, i.e. a time delay. This is partly due to the fact that in some cases, membership fees have already been charged for the month of March and even April. Moreover, there are both pre- and back-dated payments. 

This means that your membership fee exemption is likely to first come into effect from May 1st.