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New tripartite agreement

The implications it will have for you

The new deal, like financial aid to businesses, will help a lot of workers keep their jobs. 

We have gathered a number of questions and answers in relation to the tripartite agreement. The agreement about the deal was reinforced on 30th March.Note that the answers are only indicative. Remember that you can always contact your local 3F branch if you experience changes in your work due to the corona situation. (This text was updated on 20th of April).

  1. What is the deal about?  
    During the period in which the company is covered by the wage compensation agreement, the company must pay you the wages you are due, as usual. The company will then cover part of the wage costs from the state.

    For full-time employees: Salary compensation will represent 75 percent of the total salary expenses for the employees covered. However, only a maximum of DKK 30,000 per month.

    For hourly paid workers: salary compensation may amount to 90 per cent, but a maximum of DKK 30,000 per month for a full-time employee covered by the scheme.

  2. Does the agreement apply to all employees?  
    The agreement applies to companies that faces having to notify layoffs of at least 30 percent of their employees or more than 50 employees.

  3. Can I be dismissed if I am covered by this scheme? 
    No, a prerequisite for salary compensation is that the company does not dismiss employees due to financial reasons.

  4. Can I be dismissed if I am covered by this scheme? 
    No, you must not work, but be sent home in the compensation period with full pay.

  5. What requirements does the new agreement have for me?  
    If you are covered by the wage compensation agreement at your place of work, you should use five days of holidays or days to counterbalance overtime (afspadseringsdage). In those days, the company will not receive compensation. If you have not accumulated holiday days or overtime (afspadsering), you will have to take leave without pay or use holiday days from the new holiday year.

  6. Why do I need to spend five holiday days or days to counterbalance overtime (afspadsering)?  
    Right now, we are in a situation that has huge implications for our society. It also means that we all should help to get  as many people as possible through this period in the best possible way. But, the fact is that everyone here will suffer losses. The state will grant subsidies so that companies do not have to dismiss workers, companies will pay part of the wage costs, and employees will then contribute by waivering 5 days holidays or overtime days of leave (afspadsering).

  7. When will the scheme enter into force?  
    The temporary compensation scheme will enter into force retroactively from 9th March to 8th of July, 2020.

  8. What if I have other questions concerning the agreement? 
    In the upcoming days, the agreement will come into force and more details will come to light. We will keep updating our site here with answers and you are always welcome to contact your local 3F branch.