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There are different types of accommodation in Denmark.

Rented accommodation

If you wish to rent accommodation you can either contact a private landlord or one of the non-profit housing associations. When you have found a suitable accommodation, you and your landlord must sign a written lease agreement. This is important as you have to make sure that you will not have any unforeseen and unrighteous costs. There is a lot of different websites where you can find accommodation, one possibility is www.danmarkbolig.dk/en.

You can also contact your local municipality or your employer for help finding accommodation. To find help on the written lease agreement, contact your local tenant association, or go to www.dklf.dk/lejerforeninger.

Buying accommodation

As an Nordic or EU/EEA citizen you are allowed to buy property in Denmark without prior permission from the authorities. If you are a non-EU/EEA citizen and have not stayed in Denmark in more than 5 years you need a permission from the Ministry of Justice to buy accommodation. If you wish to buy property you can contact one of many real estate agents in Denmark.

Study accommodation

As a student in Denmark you can apply for a room in student halls of residence (“kollegie”) in which the rent is generally cheaper than that of a private room. Find a student halls of residence in Denmark.

Living with the boss?

In some jobs and as an intern it is common that the company offers to provide housing for foreign employees. These deals are voluntary and can never be sat as a condition for the employee. If the employee accepts the offer, it is possible to dismiss the deal one month in advance. If this is denied contact us at rights@3f.dk or call The Danish Centre against Human Trafficking at +45 7020 2550.