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Learning Danish

When living in Denmark, it is necessary to understand and speak Danish to function in the work place, at your studies and in the community.

It is important to find a language course that suits your qualifications. To do so, you need to take a test to assess your level of Danish. Depending on whether you just arrived in Denmark, if you already have a job, if you are an accompanying spouse, if you are an EU cross-border commuter, a refugee or have come for family reunification you will be placed on one of the following Danish courses at a level that suits you. 

Danish courses for immigrant learners:

  • The Danish Language Centres' Danish courses in the municipalities, including Labour Market-Oriented Danish (Intro Danish). Local authorities are required by law to offer free Danish language and culture courses to all foreign residents.
  • Preparatory Adult Education Programme (FVU). The Adult Educational Centres (VUC) are typically responsible for these classes, which are also organised in multiple steps. These are FVU Start and FVU Reading for Bilinguals.
  • AMU (Adult Vocational Training Programmes) courses in Danish as a second language at vocational schools. Here you will find both courses purely for learning Danish and courses that are a combination of Danish learning and vocational AMU courses.
  • General Adult Education (AVU). The Adult Educational Centres (VUC) are typically responsible for these classes. AVU is organised in multiple steps for Danish learning. They are all, however, taught at a higher level.

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