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In Denmark, you have to pay taxes to ensure that a series of services such as medical care, hospital treatment, schooling and eldercare are not only for those who can afford them.

The Danish tax system makes these services free in the sense that they are either funded by taxes or subsidised by the state.

Tax on income

All employees pay a percentage of their income in taxes and Danish citizens are one of the highest taxed population in Europe. To compensate for the high taxes, Danish salary levels are also among the highest in the world.

How to pay taxes

As soon as you start working in Denmark you are required to pay taxes. For this purpose, you need to apply for a tax rate and deduction card at the Danish tax authorities (SKAT). You are required to apply when you receive a contract from your employer.

You can seek more information about taxation in Denmark on the Danish tax authorities’ website: www.skat.dk. Here you can apply for the tax rate and deduction card. Find the forms you need in your language. As soon as you are registered correctly, your employer takes care of the rest.

Report tax fraud

If you think that someone is involved in tax fraud, you can report them to SKAT by calling: (+45) 72 22 28 11. Please note that you can only be anonymous if you hide your number and do not introduce yourself.