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Do not tolerate poor working conditions

Poor working conditions are categorized as social dumping and forced labour.
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Social dumping means that working conditions are worse for foreigners than for Danes. 

Social dumping can for example be that:

  • foreign workers are paid less than Danish workers for the same labour.
  • foreign workers have worse working conditions than Danish workers.
  • foreign companies do not pay taxes.
  • foreign companies do not follow the laws on working environment, resident – or working permits for the workers. 

If you have experienced any of the abovementioned, please contact your local trade union.

It is illegal to treat people differently because of their nationality in the Danish labour market.

Forced labour

means that someone is being forced, threatened or tricked to work under false conditions. It can be difficult to decide precisely what forced labour is in practice. Some signs can be when:

  • Your boss takes away your identity card or passport
  • Your boss is using violence
  • Your boss threatens you with violence 
  • Your boss asks you to work off your debt
  • Your boss is paying you in food and shelter instead of a salary

Forced labour is illegal. Are you or do you know anyone who is a victim of that, you should call The Danish Centre against Human Trafficking at +45 7020 2550.

Victims of forced labour receives help – practitioners are punished with up to 10 years of prison.