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About us

3F - United Federation of Workers in Denmark

The United Federation of Workers in Denmark, 3F, is Denmark’s largest and strongest trade union federation with approximately 280,000 members who work in the following sectors: 

  • Manufacturing industries
  • Construction 
  • Transport
  • Public and private services including catering and hospitality 
  • Agriculture, horticulture and forestry

The membership is increasingly internationalised, with currently 15 percent members from other countries.

3F is affiliated to the Danish Trade Union Confederation and six Global Union Federations. 

Unions and competitiveness

3F’s roots date back to the labour struggles that lead to the development of the ”Danish model” for a well-regulated labour market.  

By following a strategy of securing education for its' members and training unskilled workers, 3F has contributed to Denmark becoming a welfare state with a high degree of equality and wealth. 

Denmark has consistently been ranked among the top five most business friendly countries in the world. It also has one of the highest union densities. This proves the fact that there is no inherent contradiction between strong trade unions and business competitiveness.

International solidarity 

3F has for more than three decades carried out development- and solidarity work by supporting trade unions in developing countries and Central and Eastern Europe. 

We work for the international labour rights as set out by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and for a just and well-regulated labour market with better working and living conditions for all workers in the world. 

Programmes are operated from Danish Head Office and regional offices in South Asia, Southern Africa and Latin America.


3F International 
Kampmannsgade 4
DK-1790 Copenhagen V
+45 70 300 300
Head of Department: Jesper Nielsen
Phone +45 88920470