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3F in Latin America

3F works in partnership with sister trade unions in Colombia, Bolivia and Honduras

Latin America is characterized by huge economic and social inequality, which surpasses that of all other regions in the world. Decent jobs in the formal sector are scarce and youth employment is nearing 20 percent. Union density is low while harassment of labour activist is high and on the rise. 

How we work in Latin America 

3F supports sister trade unions in Latin America with direct support and advisory assistance, always taking as point of departure their own strategic plans and needs.

Among our most important tools are:

  • Union to union advisory assistance 

  • Systematic training of shop stewards and trade union representatives 

  • Development of systems for administration, registration of members, case management and documentation 

  • Facilitation of experience sharing between organisations and across borders

What we work for in Latin America

The goal of 3F's international is to contribute to inclusive and sustainable growth that creates decent jobs around the world. With decent jobs we mean jobs with respect for labour rights, living wages, safe working conditions, access to social security, good work-life balance and life-long learning. 

3F's immediate objective is contributing to the creation of strong local unions, including at sector level, which are able to defend workers’ rights and improve local and regional working and living conditions. 

Specifically, we support local initiatives contributing to:

  • Respect for labour rights and freedoms of association, so that workers freely and without fear can establish or join trade unions to influence their working and living conditions.
  • Better organised labour markets and social partners 
  • Strengthened social dialogue for balanced economic and social development.
  • Good framework conditions for civil society.
  • Responsible corporate behaviour that respects human rights and the environment.

Our partners in Latin America 

3F's partners in Latin America are trade unions in Colombia, Bolivia, and Honduras within the following sectors:

  • Agriculture

  • Industry 

  • Contruction

  • Transport  

3F also cooperates with the relevant regional branches of the global union federations within agriculture (IUF), industry (Industrial All), construction (BWI) and transport (ITF). 

Regional cooperation can be an important tool when it comes to influencing conditions in multinational companies and across production chains. That was the case when, in 2017, workers at the Coca-Cola factory in El Salvador succeeded in forming a union with the support from the sugar workers' federation and the global union federation, IUF. The result was significant, not only to factory workers in El Salvador, but to all Coca Cola workers in the region. As all the Central-american Coca-Cola factories now have unions, none can be taken hostage in a labour dispute.