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3F in Southern Africa

3F works in partnership with sister trade unions in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe

How we work in Southern Africa

3F supports sister trade unions in Southern Africa with direct support and advisory assistance, always taking as point of departure their own strategic plans and needs.

Among our most important tools are:

  • Union to union advisory assistance 
  • Systematic training of shop stewards and trade union representatives 
  • Development of systems for administration, registration of members, and case management
  • Exchange of experience between organisations and across borders

One area of support could be the development of better systems for registering accidents and work injuries. When trade unions start documenting accidents in a systematic way, they become better equipped at raising substantiated concerns and making strong demands for better occupational health and safety at workplaces. 

Our goals in Southern Africa

The goal of 3F's international is to contribute to inclusive and sustainable growth that creates decent jobs. 

Decent jobs respect labour rights and provide living wages and safe working conditions, a good work-life balance, access to social security and life-long learning.

Specifically, we support local initiatives contributing to: 

  • Respect for labour rights, so that workers freely and without fear can establish or join trade unions to influence their working and living conditions.
  • Better organised labour markets and social partners 
  • Strengthened social dialogue for balanced economic and social development.
  • Good framework conditions for business, investment and civil society.
  • Responsible corporate behaviour that respects human rights and the environment.

Our partners in Southern Africa 

3F's partners in Southern Africa are trade unions in South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe within the following sectors:
  • Contruction
  • Agriculture
  • Food processing and other industries
  • Catering and hospitality 

In addition, we provide strategic support to sister organisations in the region. 3F supports the development of regional networks and assists global trade union federations in coordinating activities and sharing knowledge.

Together with the Confederation of Danish Industry, 3F is looking at possibilities to strengthen technical education and vocational training in South Africa through bi and tri-partite negotiations. This will take place within the context of an innovative new Danish labour market consortium that brings together Danish social partners in a joint effort to contribute to sustainable, inclusive economic growth and decent work, and thus the realisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.