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3F in Central and Eastern Europe

The intern conflicts and the war in Ukraine have had extensive consequences for the development in Central and Eastern Europe. The conflict has left Ukraine in a humanitarian crisis and the labour movement has faced politically as well as economically challenges. During the riots in Ukraine, the trade unions' headquarter burned down, which has challenged the trade union work further. On the positive side, the industrial trade union federations in Lithuania and Latvia have managed, with support from 3F, to develop a systematized education of shop stewards. In 2014 1,325 workers from different companies were educated as shop stewards.   

3F’s work in Central and Eastern Europe focuses on capacity building, exchange of experiences and networking. In most of the countries, it is a process of modernization where the trade union movement has to modernize and learn to act in a market economy.

3F cooperates with federations and trade unions in Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Serbia. There are also many 3F members and local branches engaging directly in dialogue, support and solidarity activities with trade unions in Central- and Eastern Europe.       

During the last 15 years, active 3F members have been carrying out activities in solidarity with the trade union movement in Ukraine. As a result, many Ukrainians have visited Denmark and Danish 3F members have met trade union representatives in Ukraine in order to exchange experiences and learn from each other.