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How to build a club

Four steps to make a strong and forceful club

How to build a strong club

Step one: Build a strong core
• Talk about your overall goal for the club. Be sure everyone understands that a unionclub does not belong to one man or a small group's project, but to a all the members
• Team up. Stay in frequent touch, on phone, facebook and in person. Remember to ask about the family and jobe situation
• Educate each other. Pass around articles and information that can be helpful

Step two: Find your Organizing issues
Start by answering these three questions, for each issue:
1. Do many people care about the issue?
2. Do they care deeply about the issue?
3. Can the club do something about it?
If you find an issue where you can answer yes on all three questions, then you have a organizing issue. Find two-four issues that the club will start with. 

Step three: Make a plan for each issue
Here's an example of a plan:
The topic is: Our members do not know the new A-kasse rules
The solution: We hold a member meeting with the A-kasse and an interpreter in Portuguese, with dinner afterwards
Who finds one from the A-kasse that can tell rules: Pedro
Who finds an interpreter: Luigi
Who orders the room in BJMF: Jonny
Who writes the invitation to the Internet: Famora
Who puts it up on the Internet: Jakob
Who calls all the Portuguese members in BJMF on the phone a week before: Jonny, Kurt, Rasmus, Calcas and Jonny
Who gets the money from BJMF: Calcas
Who buys and makes dinner: Kebe
Who's calling and making sure everyone is doing their job: Di

Step four: Find more people to help you do the work
Sketch out what you need help with. Remember it is never good to be alone for something, always be at least two
Sketch out your network and see how many can help you. Call them and invite them to join. Tell them exactly what to help and how long it takes
Step five. Call everyone together for another meeting like the one you have now
And then you just repeat the exercise again, but this time you will probably be more people than you are today, and you can do more, because you are in training!

Keep training - keep organizing - keep fighting