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Winter at the contruction site

Autumn and winter are a tough season in Denmark. Therefore, the construction workers have special rights during that period.
Winther at the construction site

The Danish winter working environment rules starts from October 1. And all construction sites must have planned how to cover all openings in the house, scaffolding, lifts, etc. In addition, winter darkness, snow, cold and other nuisances must be taken into account.

Openings in house under construction
All openings in the house under construction must be closed off and all scaffolding and the like must be covered if it can be expected that the employees will be exposed to the bad weather.

Access roads
The access roads on the construction site must be cleared of snow and graveled or salted before the start of the working hours.

Orientation lights must be established wherever traffic occurs, so that you can always see where you are stepping.
Of course, artificial lighting must also be established where you work, so that the work can be carried out properly.

Stationary saw and assembly sites
Stationary saw and assembly sites must be shielded from the weather, for eksempel by setting up tents. The materials must also be covered.

Inside work
There must be a temporary sealing of floor separations and roof construction against water, cold and heat loss. The building must be heated and ventilated and rainfall moisture must be dried out. The temperature must be approx. 10 degrees.

You can check the rules yourself: https://bfa-ba.dk/vinterforanstaltninger/ and www.at.dk (danish)

Sent home due to bad weather?

If the company asks you to sit in the shed on the construction site and wait for better weather, then the company will have to pay the minimum wage for those hours where you are waiting in the shed.

If the company sends you home due to bad weather, the rules for the payment of g-days apply. You get 456 kr. for half a G-day and 911 kr. for a full G-day.
It counts as half a G-day if you are sent home for 4 hours or less of the working day.

It is a whole G-day if you are sent home for more than 4,1 hours of the working day.

You can in principle not get G-days paid from your company, if you are not a member of an A-Kasse. The employer must pay the first 16 days you are sent home in a calendar year, but a maximum of two days at a time. The half days also count as whole days in that calculation. After this you get the pay from your A-kasse.

Contact your Union or A-kasse for more information on this. https://tema.3f.dk/bjmfimmigrant/about-the-union