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Clubs in BJMF

An important part of BJMF are the different clubs.

Everyone is attached to a club through their trade. The bricklayers have their branch club, the gardener has their branch club etc. The apprentices from all branches are organized in the apprenticeship club BJMF Youth. In addition, many are organized in a club in their company.

There are also clubs organized for some nationalities / languages. Eg. The Polish Club. For migrant workers it will most often make sense to be organized around their language. 

The clubs set their due for the club themselves, and you decide what the money will be used for as long as it is within the trade union's purpose. The clubs can, for example, arrange counseling on tax, rental agreement and much more.

The clubs are also very important for the democracy in the trade union. It is through the clubs that most proposals are submitted to the general assembly and it is through the clubs that members make demands and suggestions to the employees and leadership of the trade union.

It is in your club that you and colleagues are fighting for better work conditions. It's in your club you can help decide which battles we must fight. It's where you meet your colleagues, compatriots and create friendships and unity. Therefore, it's important to be active in his club, meet up, keep an eye on what's going on.;

If your nationality or company do not have a club, you can help to make one. Contact the trade union and request a meeting.

Clubs for migrant workers