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Employed in Denmark - address in your home country

It is possible to live in another EU or EEA country and at the same time work in Denmark, but there are things that you need to be aware of.

If you work in Denmark while you have an address in your home country, you are a Cross border commuter and have special rights and challenges. 

Tax and the identification number

You can get a so-called tax identification number (Skate CPR) relatively easily.

Just follow this guide, which is in Danish, English, German, Polish, Lithuanian and Rumanian. You must attach an employment contract from the employer.


The special yellow card

When you get a tax identification number you can also get a special health card (yellow card) and a blue EU card. You can apply for the card through this English language website. You must attach an employment contract from the employer.

When you receive a special yellow card, you will also receive a form called E106 to be handed over to the home health authorities.
If you do not get it delivered then you cannot prove that it is Denmark that has to pay, and then you risk that you have to pay yourself.

Illness and injury at work

If you are injured at work, or fall ill while working in Denmark, you follow the Danish sickness benefit rules. BJMF has hired two social workers to help our members in case of illness and injury.

You are not assigned a doctor on the special health card, so you have to choose a doctor yourself when you need it. It is important that you obtain a doctor's statements about your work injury in writing, either a Danish or a doctor from your home country, if you are to apply for work injury compensation. 

You can read more about that here: https://tema.3f.dk/bjmfimmigrant/health-and-safety-at-work

Digital-services in Denmark

Once you have gotten off to a good start, make sure you have a

Unemployment benefits

You can only receive Danish unemployment benefits if you have an address in Denmark. We do not know the rules for unemployment benefits outside Denmark, but we encourage you to investigate if you can receive unemployment benefits in your home country if you lose your job in Denmark.

You can enroll in A-kasse and earn the right to unemployment benefits as a border crossing, but you cannot get Danish unemployment benefits. You have to move to Denmark to get Danish unemployment benefit.

Holiday pay and border crossing

You can read about holiday pay in Denmark here: 

If you work in a Danish company but have your address in your home country, you must be aware of letters from Holiday Pay Info (Feriepengeinfo) to get you holiday allowance

You will receive a letter from Feriepengeinfo to your home address the first time Feriepengeinfo receives information from an employer that you have earned a holiday. You must answer whether you are still working in Denmark or have gone back home.

If you answer that you still working in Denmark, then Feriepengeinfo will write to you again, when the holiday allowance is to be paid.

If you do not answer, then the system assumes that you have left the Danish labor market and will inform whoever has your holiday pay, that they must pay all the holiday money to your account (NemKonto).

Feriepengeinfo will continue to send this letter and to set the holiday pay for payment, every month, as long as your employer informs them about new earned holiday pay.

If the money is with Feriekonto or similar, then the money will be paid out, unless you do not have a NemKonto, in which case the money eventually will be lost.

If the money is with your employer, then there is no control over whether the employer actually pays the holiday pay to you. You have to check it yourself!

Do you want to move your address to Denmark?

If you want to have your CPR address in Denmark, perhaps to get A-kasse, then you can follow this guide:

Contact the union for more information about your rights: