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Membership of 3F gives you access to discounts and benefits

What is PlusKort?
PlusKort has been established by The Danish Confederation of Trade Unions for the purpose of developing and administrating a discount programme for the Members of the 13 FH-Trade Unions (including 3F), which will enable you as a member to receive benefits from different commercial partners which have entered into agreements with Pluskort.

How do I get access to PlusKort?
When you become a member of 3F you will receive a membership card by mail that will give you access to all the discounts and benefits in PlusKort.
You can also download the PlusKort/3F membership app “PlusKort App’en” in your app store. After you have logged in (you have to have Nem-ID to do this) you will also have the membership card on your smartphone and an overview of all the discounts.

How do I get the discounts?
You will receive the discounts in different ways, but most likely by showing the card (physical or mobile) in the shops when you pay.
Some of the PlusKort partners are web shops and here you will have to use a discount code, which you can always find on the partner’s site pluskort.dk.

All PlusKort partners have their own partner site on Pluskort.dk and in the PlusKort app - however still in Danish.
We hope that with Google translate you will find the necessary information. You can always find help to understand and translate the offers at 3F and the local offices around the country.

Tjek it out on https://pluskort.dk/hvad-kan-du-spare