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The Vacation Law

In Denmark we have a 5 weeks paid vacation

According to the Danish vacation law, you earn 2.08 paid vacation days per month, from 1. September to 31. August the following year. A period of 12 months, giving you 25 days of paid vacation.

You can hold the vacation from 1. September the same year to 31. December the following year, a period of 16 months. Vacation that are not taken during this period will basically be lost.

Your vacation must be notified and agreed with your employer

You have the right to a main vacation of 3 weeks of continuous summer vacation (within the period 1. May to 30. September). The two weeks of vacation remaining, can be held all year.

Both you and your employer have a duty to notify your wishes to when the vacation should be held at least 3 months before the main vacation (3 weeks) and 1 month before the remaining vacation (the last two weeks). Remember that the vacation must be agreed with your employer, and get the agreement in writing.

All vacation pay must be stated in and must be withdrawn via Feriepengeinfo.

You can see and order your vacation money here: https://lifeindenmark.borger.dk/working/holiday-allowance-ny/holiday-allowance

For further information contact your union.