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If your company is bankrupt: You might have money due. Contact the union!

If you have been employed by a company that goes bankrupt, while you are working for the company, or after you have stopped, then you must contact the trade union as soon as possible and no later than 4 months after the bankruptcy.

You might have money due

Perhaps the company owe you pay, bonus, pension, holiday pay and SH payment fee, which the company can no longer pay you. If the trade union is to help you get your money, then you must provide documentation to us. If the company owe you pay, we need a copy of contract, timesheets, pay agreement, and other relevant documentation.

If you are entitled to pension, we need a copy of the last 6 months payrolls, withdrawal of pension contributions from Pensiondanmark: www.pensiondanmark.dk (login to your pension with your NemID).

If the company owe you holiday pay and SH payment, then we need a holiday card, last pay slip for the income year and information from Holiday Money Info.
(Log in at www.borger.dk to see holiday pay)

Contact BJMF if you need help

Jette Nordentoft, tel .: 8892 8979, mail: jette.nordentoft@3f.dk
Ebbe Dalgaard, tel. 8892 2667, mail: ebbe.dalgaard@3f.dk
(In English or Danish)