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Watch out for asbestos - it's deadly!

Every week the union discovers construction sites where workers are exposed to asbestos

Some weeks there was a case in the media where both demolition workers, carpenters and children in the nearby kindergarten have been exposed to asbestos.

Asbest på legepladsen - hundredvis af børn har løbet rundt i asbeststøv | TV 2 Lorry

It is fatal to inhale asbestos even in very small quantities. It is highly carcinogenic. In Denmark alone, 300 die a year due to asbestos.

The law in Denmark says:

  • You must have thorough instructions on how to use respiratory protection, suit and mask before starting work with asbestos
  • You must have training in handling asbestos if you have to work with it indoors or if it breaks when you peel it down outdoors
  • Call the trade union tell. 70300826 if you experience asbestos on the construction site