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Check your May salary!

Due to the Corona crisis, we did not get the big pay rise to the lowest paid we wanted, but our negotiators did get some results, that you should be able to see on your paycheck for the month of May.
Tjek din maj loen

First, the SH money has risen to: 10.9% of your salary.

(Your SH money can be paid on public holidays during the year. You will receive the SH money that you have not been paid on the first payday after you have stopped at the company or at the turn of the year.)

Second, the minimum rates have increased in the collective agreements. (Even if you get more than the minimum wage, you should be able to see the increase as your overtime pay has increased.)

The new minimum rates are:

  • Steel fixer, civil engineering, crane driver and demolition: DKK 128.65
  • Driver and asphalt worker: DKK 133.75
  • Roofing: DKK 137.25
  • Painter: DKK 130.35
  • Insulator: DKK 129.75
  • (If you do not have a Chord, then you are entitled to a supplement of DKK 13.89)
  • Mason: DKK 128.40
  • (If you do not have a Chord, you are entitled to a supplement of: DKK 23)
  • Carpenter: DKK 128.40
  • (Carpenters must have overtime pay of their normal wages, not of the minimum wage).

If you are unsure, you get the right salary, contact your union.