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Danish classes for Polish colleagues

Danish classes for 25 Polish union members arranged by the Polish Professional Club in Construction Cooperation (Byggefagenes Samvirke) and the Information Society AOF.
Danish classes for immigrant colleagues

When you first come to Denmark, the initial step towards gaining a foothold in the Danish labour market and in the Danish society is to be able to talk to your colleagues. That makes it easier to understand the work you have to do and perform better. It also improves the way you are able to socialize with your colleagues in your daily life.

This is how Robert Olejnik explains the importance of Danish language skills. He comes from the Polish Professional Club that the Construction Cooperation is behind. As a professional consultant in the Information Society (AOF), he is in daily contact with foreign colleagues and knows that language is key to a good work life and a strong connection to the unions.    

- When we started the language course, it became clear that the majority does not use Danish at their workplace - partly because they only work with other Poles and partly because they work places where there are foreigners from other countries, Robert Olejnik explains.  

Two criteria

It became clear that there were also very little contact between Poles and Danes outside of work due to poor language skills.

- The motivation to participate in the course has been that without Danish, it is difficult to apply for jobs and it is hard to take care of private matters in everyday life including contacting authorities and so on, Robert Olejnik further explains.

The course is planned in cooperation with Information Society AOF and will run over 17 lessons in the first module. The teaching takes place after work hours once a week from 4:30pm to 8pm.

There are two criteria you have to meet to participate in the course: a. You have to have a Danish CPR number, and b. you have to be listed as a member of a LO-union.