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Polish club makes magazine

The first copy of the new PKB magazine is about hidden work injuries
Polsk klubblad
Af Katarzyna Szczygiel

Back in July 2021, Polish-speaking members of BJMF participated in The Polish Construction Club PKB´s General Assembly. At the assembly it was unanimously agreed that the PKB needs to create a Polish-language magazine. After six months of planning and working, PKB published its first issue in December 2021.

The theme of this first copy was hidden work injuries. PKB's board chose this theme because many companies fail to report work injuries correctly to the authorities, or do not want to acknowledge that the injury happened at work.

Back in May 2021, BJMFimmigrant told the story of how the Polish concrete worker Jeroslaw could not get his work injury recognized because his employer Aarsleff would not recognize that his injury had occurred in the workplace. Jeroslaw had not secured evidence that the injury had occurred at work, and therefore there was nothing the BJMF could do in that situation.

Reed the story here: https://tema.3f.dk/bjmfimmigrant/nyheder-fra-bjmf-foreign-workers/always-report-your-work-accident

It is important that the occupational injury is correctly registered, firstly because you are thereby entitled to 8 weeks sick pay, but also because your occupational injury can be so serious that you are entitled to compensation. If your injury qualifies under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

The Workers’ Compensation Act offers several different types of compensation:

If your injury causes permanent problems, you can get compensation and if the injury reduces your possibilities of earning money through work, you can get compensation for loss of earning capacity.

The Workers’ Compensation Act also offers reimbursement of expenses for treatment, medicine and aids.

The first copy of the PKB magazine tells the story of a couple of nasty stories of how the company Budomex tried to hide work accidents, among other things by forcing the injured worker to lie about where he was injured. BJMF Polish-speaking organizer Katarzyna Szczygiel also explains how to ensure that your work injuries are registered correctly, and how BJMF can help the members when they get hurt on the job.

Read about what to do if you are injured at work here: