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FAQ on the Corona virus

Get answers to your questions about the Corona virus and your job

Here you can find answers to some of the questions you may have about your work life and the corona virus (COVID-19). In Denmark, the authorities are trying to limit the number of infected people so that the virus does not spread as much as it has done in other countries. Therefore, everyone, both employers and employees, also have a responsibility to do what we can so that the infection does not spread.

Read more about these measures in English here:

Questions and answers about the corona virus and your work

Get an overview of your rights as an employee when it comes to quarantine, prevention and illness related to the corona virus.

During this ‘Corona crisis’, as it were, workers’ unions and employers are coming to an agreement on new rules in order to reduce the impact of the crisis on society. Therefore, the answers below should act as guidelines only and we encourage you to contact your local branch if you have a specific challenge or problem regarding the corona virus and your work. 

My child's school / daycare facility or alike is closed. Can I stay home and look after my child?
No, if the school or daycare centre closes, it will be your own responsibility to find alternative care options if care is needed. It might be a good idea to try to come to an agreement with your employer about working from home, taking holiday days, not working (without pay) or any other creative solution you can think of. 

What if my employer decides that I should be quarantined?
Here, the general rules apply to the employer's management rights and organisation of work. If the company chooses to quarantine you, you must receive your full salary, equal to the salary you would have received if you had been at work.

This applies whether you have been in an infected area or are a colleague of a person who has been at risk of infection. Remember that all agreements made with the employer should preferably be in writing.

What if the health authorities decide that I should be quarantined?
If you and / or several employees are suspected of having been infected with the corona virus and, as a result, the health authorities have quarantined you, you must, as a rule, be paid during periods of sickness or get paid sickness benefits by the company. Remember to notify your employer in writing of the reason for your absence.

Can I be made to take forced leave?
Your employer must notify any forced leave they expect you to take with at least one month's notice. This way, it will only happen after having come to an agreement with you. You also have the right to pay if your employer says you are not allowed to go to work. Remember that you must notify your employer in writing that you would like to work if you are sent home. Any agreements with the employer must also be made in writing.

Companies in the hotel and catering industry have a special opportunity to send their employees home on forced leave. This comes as the result of a new agreement aimed at preventing bankruptcies and layoffs. Contact your union if you have been made to take forced leave. 

What if I have symptoms of an illness?
If you have symptoms of illness and / or have been diagnosed with the Corona virus, the general rules governing the right to sick leave and pay during illness apply.
You will be eligible for regular sick pay, whether you have been infected during your vacation or at work.
You must follow the general rules for sick leave - also during the holidays - in order to be entitled to sick pay and any holiday compensation. 

What if my family or colleagues have been at risk of infection?
If you or your next of kin have had close contact with a person who is suspected of being infected or is in fact infected with the corona virus and where you are quarantined by recommendation of the health authorities - without any obligation to do so - please contact your employer.

3F believe that in this case, you should be eligible for pay during your absence, if you can prove that there is a risk of infection. Remember to notify your employer in writing of the reason for your absence.

If in doubt, contact your union.

Can I stay at home from work if my employer fails to send one of my colleagues home who has been at risk of infection?
If your employer does not follow the health authorities' instructions to send home an employee for 14 days when the colleague has been at risk of infection, then you should contact the health authorities and your union. 

I don't think my employer is taking the authorities' recommendations seriously. What can I do?
The Occupational Health and Safety Act states that the employer must ensure that you are able to perform your work in a fully responsible manner with regards to safety and health. The employer must make you aware of any possible risks of infection. If you have any reason to suspect that your employer does meet these obligations, then you need to address your health and safety representative. If there is no health and safety representative at your workplace, get in touch with your union. 

Will I receive a salary if I am an hourly paid substitute employee and quarantined or sent home?
If you have scheduled shifts and the employer sends you home, you are entitled to wages equal to the scheduled hours. If the health authorities quarantine you, then it is rules regarding illness that apply.

Remember that you must notify your employer in writing that you would like to work if you are sent home. Please contact your union if this situation arises.

May I go to the doctor during working hours and be checked for the corona virus?
The health authorities recommend that you do not see your doctor, but instead call 70 20 02 33 if you are concerned that you may be infected with the corona virus.
If you live in the metropolitan area and get sick, you should continue calling 1813.

Normally, you need to schedule doctor visits outside of normal working hours. If this is not possible, you should be able to prove that it was not possible.

Can I be laid off if my employer does not have a job for me due to the virus?
The corona virus will affect many jobs and it is very likely to create a situation where employers, due to lack of commodities, customers or otherwise, may have to lay off employees. In this case, the employer must follow the general rules regarding dismissal - and the baseline is that there are objective grounds for dismissals in this situation. Some agreements allow for being sent home without notice in this particular situation.

If you are dismissed because of the corona virus, you should always contact your trade union.

What if I have gone on vacation to an area where the authorities have advised against going?
If you go on holiday in an area where there is a risk of infection (the orange and red areas in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel guide), you run the risk that what you are doing may be perceived as a breach of your employment conditions - namely, if you end up being unable to attend work after the holidays. In this situation, you will not be entitled to salary or other benefits during your absence and, in the worst case, you may be terminated or dismissed. Therefore, it is important to follow the instructions issued by the authorities. 

Read the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel guide here: https://um.dk/da

If you come to an agreement with your employer, remember to get it in writing. The union will, of course, help its members make an agreement with the employer if needed.

What happens if I get quarantined while on vacation?
If you go on holiday to a place where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel guide does not advise you to not travel to (the yellow countries in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel guide), a quarantine imposed by health authorities or a doctor will be likely to have the same legal effect as a quarantine imposed in Denmark. Remember to notify your employer in writing of the reason for your absence.

Will I receive a home quarantine/ recommendation about staying at home if I have had a stop-over at an airport in a high-risk area?
No, if you have been in a stop-over for less than 12 hours, then the health authorities do not consider that special precautions are needed unless, of course, you have been in definite contact with someone who has corona virus symptoms.

What happens if I cannot return to Denmark due to cancelled flights or the like?
Legally speaking, you should not be dismissed, but you should not expect to receive any wages or other benefits during your absence either. If you have been traveling to one of the countries the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised you against travelling to before the time of departure, you will risk being dismissed or terminated. Remember to notify your employer in writing of the reason for your absence.