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Food, bath and toilet at work

You have the right to good conditions when you take breaks, go to the toilet or change clothes at work.

According to The Danish Working Environment Authority, the employer is genraly obliged to make sure that you have access to some premises with the following facilities:

  • One toilet for every 15 people
  • Eating area
  • Clean drinking water
  • One sink for for hand washing, for every 5 people
  • Warm premises in the winter
  • Two closets for each person, for your work and leisure clothing
  • Possibility of drying your work clothes
  • One shower for every 10 people
  • There must be a maximum of 200 meters or five minutes walk to the toilet from the workplace

If the employer does not meet these requirements for, then you can do the following:

  1. Contact your union and hear more about the rules
  2. The trade union will help you to ask for proper conditions, via email
  3. The trade union will help you write an email to the employer, asking for the financial compensation that you are entitled to under the collective agreement if conditions are not in order

For more details on the rules, see the regulations of The Danish Working Environment Authority https://amid.dk/en