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Why did the negotiators make a agrement, when they couldn't raise the minimum wage?
- The negotiators made a new agreement because the consequences of not making one, would be that the special negosiator (forligsmanden) would give us a new agreement with very poor conditions. If it became a yes to all the collective agreement, then we would have to live with the bad agreement for 3 years.

Why didn't the negotiators refuse to continue the negotiations?
- FH and 3F national leadership recommended that negotiations should continue, despite the fact that many local trade unions recommended the opposite.

Are there any good things at all in the new agreement?
- The SH rate increases, price lists are rising and there is other good stuff. But there is nothing against social dumping!

What does BJMF recommend that I vote for? 
- BJMF recommends that you vote no - Because the lowest-paid colleagues did not receive higher pay! Read more: https://tema.3f.dk/bjmfimmigrant/nyheder-fra-bjmf-foreign-workers/recommendation-ok20.

Do BMF seriously think we should strike now?
- Yes when the special negosiator (forligsmanden) and Dansk Byggeri thinks it is justifiable to vote now, then they must also accept that we can vote no and strike.

Can we win the vote if all the others vote yes?
- If 3F hade as high a percentage of votes as Metal and HK in the OK 2017 vote, then it probably would have ended with a No, and a strike. So we can win the vote!

Can I change my vote? 
- Yes you can vote again and again. It's your last vote that count.

What happens if we vote no?
- We vote together with all the other trades and branches in the private labor market. If a majority votes no we will strike within 5 days of the result being calculated.

What happens if there is a conflict?
- We can select some areas for conflict. We can't know what employers will do. They may choose to lock out union members to empty our strike fund. The government will probably also come up with a quick intervention by law.

How much do I get in strike money?
- The same as the unemployment benefit rate.

Can we block construction sites where people are not members and continue to work, when we are not allowed to gather?
- In a strike, we are not covered by the ban on gatherings, but it probably won't be smart to do it.

If we strike and there is a government intervention, do we risk losing all the good stuff in the new agreement?

- Yes, it is up to the government and it is difficult to say what they will do. 

- Yes, it is up to the government and it is difficult to say what they will do