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Organizing migrant workers

Visits at building sites on a saturday gives good opportunities to meet migrant workers

Ten danish colleagues from the club BJMForganizers took part in a day of action, on Saturday, January 12, visiting immigrant construction workers on building sites in copenhagen.

The plan was to talk with the immigrant colleagues about the union and about there life here i Denmark. 

Equipped with BJMFimmigrant's pamphlets in 10 languages and the copenhagen construction unions's joint registration system, the ten organizers met lots of of immigrant.

Most of the immigrants did not speak Danish or English, but at virtually every single building site there were one or two of the immigrants who could talk to us, and the organizing conversation began.

If you want to help organize other immigrant colleagues, then sign up for BJMForganizers at bjmforganizers@gmail.com or by searching on bjmforganizers on facebook.