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Portuguese speaking members of BJMF starts club

The 1st of July 13 Portuguese speaking members of BJMF started a new club.
Portugues workers club in BJMF

The first matter on the agenda after formalities was settled, was to decide whether the club was meant for Portuguese people, people from Portuguese speaking countries, or simply for those speaking Portuguese. 

After a thorough debate on the history of Portugal as a colonial empire, it was agreed that the club was for everyone who speaks Portuguese. Hereafter a greater discussion ensued on why the club is only for members of BJMF? Again, a long and thorough discussion followed on who is paying for the trade unions and the difference between a trade union and the yellow unions, before it was agreed that only BJMF members can vote and run for elections in the club.

Portuguese speaking workers outside of BJMF can be admitted as friends of the club, but without voting rights. This way the articles of association for the new club was discussed point by point, until everything was decided and could be agreed.

Subsequently, board of directors was elected. Calcas Damas was chosen as chairman. Ibraima Bocum was chosen to be vice chairman. Famora Nhabali was chosen as treasurer. Mussa Djau, Cande Júnior, Antônio Viega and Isaías Cunha was elected to the board of directors. Bubacar Djalo, Amadu Embalo and Tyshchenko Igor was elected deputies to the new board of directors.

Now the work in the new club starts, and the Portuguese speaking members will now familiarize themselves with their new collective voice, which they can use to get heard both within the trade union and in the general Danish society. Congratulations on the club!

Club for Portuguese speaking members in BJMF