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Romanian club gets new life

The club has held a general meeting and elected a new board of directors
Romanian Club gets new life

It's not easy to make a union club when you've never tried it before and it's still harder to build a strong and active club. 

That's what the Romanian members of BJMF had to face, but they have not given up!  Saturday 6/10 a group of Romanian BJMF members held an extraordinary general assembly. 

The chairman had chosen to resign from the board, so it was Vice-President Robert Marinescu who reported. 

Robert said that it has not been possible for the old board to create a strong club and we therefore needed this extraordinary general assembly to elect a new board and get the club up and running. 

The romanian migrant workers also made some changes to the club's articles of association, so that the structure becomes more flexible and adapted to the reality that Romanian migrant workers are often forced to travel after work.

The new board consists of:
Chairman Robert Marinescu,
Vice Chairman, Viorel Daniel Oprea,
Cashier Laurentiu Ionut Câlugâr, , Cornel Mircea Pioras and Florinel Sitaru.
Deputies: Nicolae Marinescu, Florinel Mihâitâ Sitaru, Silvian Ursu and Constantin Marinescu