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Spanish company falsifies timesheets!

New Carlsberg: The Spanish company NOBLEZA SEÑORIAL SLU can not exhibit real timesheets
Warm Welcom at Carlsberg

It started with a party and smiles, when the Spanish company NOBLEZA SEÑORIAL SLU signed up for the Dansk Byggeri and thus got an Collective agreement back in February. But a month later the smiles has disappeared.

First Nobleza did not pay the February salary to its six posted employees. Nobleza leases crew of six to the main contractor, Hillock, who builds a luxury spa for the Spanish company AIRE Ancient Baths at Ny Carlsberg Road 101. 

Only when the trade union complained about the lack of wages, an advance payment was paid to the men on the 13. March. 

At a subsequent meeting, the parties agreed that Nobleza should submit documentation that they comply with the Collective agreement. 

However, the submitted documentation proved to be defective, flawed and directly false.

 Nobleza submitted documentation that the men work 37 hours a week, but the union has in its possession signed timesheets that show, that they work much more than 37 hour a week. 

The trade union will obviously pursues the case with all legal means.