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The board of BJMF recommends a NO to the 2023 collective agreement settlement

OK23: A majority of 3F BJMF's board, as well as a majority of BJMF's trade clubs, recommend the colleagues to vote NO to OK23.
Vote no to OK23

In 3F BJMF, the colleagues have made three overall main demands for OK23:

  • Raise the minimum wages and preserve the real wage
  • Stop social dumping
  • Reduce working hours

We recommend the colleagues vote no to the settlement. We are doing this because the economic improvements in the settlement are far too flimsy compared to the companies' giant profits and the raging inflation, which has eroded the purchasing power of our colleagues in the previous collective agreement period.

We do it because the settlement has not been able to raise the minimum wage level, neither sufficiently nor permanently for all low-paid workers and because working hours have not been reduced for over 30 years.

Therefore, we would recommend all colleagues use their influence during the primary vote and vote No to OK23.