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3F sponsors the football league

3F has become the main sponsor of Denmark's best football series, called 3F Superliga. This means that the Superliga from the start of the season changes name to 3F Superliga
Superliga Sponsor

3F has sponsored football for years; Both on women's and men's side. Now 3F have had the opportunity to gather all these activities in one big sponsorship of the Super League, and 3F have used this to create the most attention to 3F, as possible.

Football creates community, connects Denmark and is a working class sport. That is why 3F and Danish football is a super good match.

More about the membership offer

Free 3F tickets are made available for members from Wednesday morning of the week up to the match. So if the match you want to watch is played Friday you have two days to pick up the ticket. If the match is played on Sunday, you have a little longer.

If the match is sold out before Wednesday morning, we must say the match is sold out. If you want to be absolutely sure to get a ticket for a particular match, then we recommend that you buy a regular ticket as soon as they are put on sale at the club's website.

The 3F ticket generally applies to neutral stands at the stadium.

If you are a season card holder and you want to be sure that you have a fixed seat with your usual fellow fans, we recommend that you stick to your season ticket.

How to get tickets

If you want to use the opportunity to get to the stadium, you must enter via https://mit.3f.dk/, where you log in with NemID. The ticket you pick up is personal and must not be transferred or sold. The club can make checks off tickets at the entrance of the stadium. In case of abuse of tickets, 3F can close the member's access to tickets.

Companion Ticket

When you have picked up a ticket for yourself, you have the opportunity to buy one companion ticket with a 30% discount. The companion ticket cannot be exchanged or resold. You pay for the ticket in the club ticket system.

The ticket is taxable

Ticket for 3F Super League matches is an offer for you who is a member of 3F. But you must remember giving up the value of the tickets you have used for SKAT when you receive your tax return every year.

Source: https://www.3f.dk/om-3f/3f-er-sponsor-for-superligaen