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BJMF launches websites for construction workers who speak Romanian

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The languages on the construction sites in Denmark are no longer only Danish. Across the country, many tens of thousands of migrant construction workers are working hard.

Therefore, BJMF tries to communicate in more languages than just Danish. And we can be proud of the fact that no other Danish trade union does so much to inform our migrant colleagues about their rights, in a language they can understand.

  • BJMF has language-savvy employees who speaks a wide range of languages. Among others Polish, Romanian, Lithuanian, Russian and Portuguese.
  • BJMF has a Facebook page, and several Facebook groups where colleagues can get news and talk to each other on their own language.
  • BJMF publishes a wide range of leaflets in different languages.
  • BJMF has websites in English, Polish, Lithuanian, Italian, Spanish, Russian and now also Romanian.

At BJMF we know that we humans are strongest, when we stand together, regardless of nationality and language.

And we need this strength, in our struggle for a construction industry and a world, with freedom, equality and security for all.