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Corona Q&A

Here you can find answers to some of the questions you may have about your work life and the corona virus (COVID-19).
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The rules this Q&A refers to can be changed on an ongoing basis and at short notice, as the authorities change restrictions and recommendations. You can stay updated on the latest restrictions in English at https://coronasmitte.dk/en

Is the BJMF Trade Union closed due to Corona?
No BJMF is not closed, but we are trying to limit the risk of infection. This means that if it is possible to handle it over the phone and email, we prefer it. If it can not be arranged by phone and email, you must first call and get an appointment with an employee before you can meet in the union, out on the construction site or elsewhere.

What should the employer do to minimize the risk of infection with Covid-19?
The employer must ensure that the work is carried out in a safe manner. If the company has a Working Environment Organization, this must be included in the planning. The company must i.a. guarantee that breaks and changing rooms are organized in such a way that as few people as possible share the same rooms. If several people share the same room (eg canteen) or tools, the company should make sure that alcohol is used and cleaned after each group uses the room.
The work must be planned in such a way that the distance requirement of 2 meters is complied with as far as possible. When this is not possible, equip yourself with a bandage and / or visor.

If the company is responsible for your accommodation during your stay in Denmark, you should not share a room with others.

The Cooperation for working environment in Building & Construction industry, has made a nice booklet on how to prevent infection in the workplace. It is also available in [your language] and it can be downloaded here: https://bfa-ba.dk/coronavejledninger-oversat/
(NOTE: note that the distance requirement has increased to 2 meters since the booklet was published).

I live in Denmark, can I travel into the country?
You can always travel into the country if you reside in Denmark. You do not have to show a negative Covid-19 test, but must bring documentation that you are resident in Denmark (in the form of a health insurance certificate, residence permit, valid passport, other valid identification with address).

I live in another country. May I travel into Denmark?
You can travel into the country if you have to work in Denmark, do not show signs of illness and can show documentation of work and a negative test result. You must be able to show an employment contract and the last payslip (as proof that you are still employed). In addition, you must present a negative test result on a Covid-19 test that is no more than 24 hours old.

You can travel into Denmark with a positive test. A minimum of 14 days after your positive test, and up to 8 weeks after the test.

The police reject people if there is any doubt about the validity of a test certificate. The certificate is only valid if it is in one of the Scandinavian languages, German, English, French, Spanish or Italian. The answer must be able to read your name, the time of the test, who issues the certificate and the result of the test.

You have the opportunity to take advantage of the certificate below that meets the above requirements.

Am I forced to take a test if my employer requires it?
Yes. In order to guarantee a safe working environment, your employer must both arrange for you to be tested at the workplace, as well as require that you be tested outside the workplace and that you state the test result. It is the employer who pays any costs for the test. Likewise, the time you spend being tested should be paid as usual.

Do I have to be quarantined after arriving in Denmark?
As long as you show a negative test result when you enter the country, according to the authorities, you should not be quarantined after entering. However, your employer has the right to demand that you be quarantined from your workplace.

What if my employer decides that I should be quarantined?
Here, the general rules apply to the employer's management rights and organization of work. If the company chooses to quarantine you, you must receive your full salary, equal to the salary you would have received if you had been at work.

This applies whether you have been in an infected area or are a colleague of a person who has been at risk of infection. Remember that all agreements made with the employer should preferably be in writing.

What if the health authorities decide that I should be quarantined?
If you and/or several employees are suspected of having been infected with the corona virus and, as a result, the health authorities have quarantined you, you must, as a rule, be paid during periods of sickness or get paid sickness benefits by the company. Remember to notify your employer in writing of the reason for your absence.

Can I be made to take forced leave?
Your employer must notify any forced leave they expect you to take with at least one month’s notice.
Contact your union if you have been made to take forced leave.

What if I have symptoms of an illness?
If you have symptoms of illness and/or have been diagnosed with the Corona virus, the general rules governing the right to sick leave and pay during illness apply. You will be eligible for regular sick pay, whether you have been infected during your vacation or at work. You must follow the general rules for sick leave - also during the holidays - in order to be entitled to sick pay and any holiday compensation.

What if my family or colleagues have been at risk of infection?
If you or your next of kin have had close contact with a person who is suspected of being infected or is in fact infected with the corona virus and where you are quarantined by recommendation of the health authorities - without any obligation to do so - please contact your employer.

3F believe that in this case, you should be eligible for pay during your absence, if you can prove that there is a risk of infection. Remember to notify your employer in writing of the reason for your absence.
If in doubt, contact your union.

I don’t think my employer is taking the authorities’ recommendations seriously. What can I do?
The Occupational Health and Safety Act states that the employer must ensure that you are able to perform your work in a fully responsible manner with regards to safety and health. The employer must make you aware of any possible risks of infection. If you have any reason to suspect that your employer does meet these obligations, then you need to address your health and safety representative. If there is no health and safety representative at your workplace, get in touch with your union.

Will I receive a salary if I am an hourly paid substitute employee and quarantined or sent home?
If you have scheduled shifts and the employer sends you home, you are entitled to wages equal to the scheduled hours. If the health authorities quarantine you, then it is rules regarding illness that apply.

Remember that you must notify your employer in writing that you would like to work if you aresent home. Please contact your union if this situation arises.

Didn’t find the answers your needed? Try checking up the authorities’ homepage here
https://coronasmitte.dk/en or contact the union