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New rules from the EU will challenge the Danish A-Kasse model

Concern: 3F says that it can lead to an abuse that would put the system under pressure.
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The European Parliament is negotiating with the EU Council and the EU Commission to change the rules on unemployment benefits for migrant workers in EU. 

The new benefactors aim to promote labor mobility in the EU by safeguarding workers' rights when traveling between countries, and under the coming rules you will only have to work in an EU country for between one day and one month, in order to be entitled to unemployment benefits in the country you visit.

As the rules are now, they require that you have been full-time employed for three months in Denmark and have earned unemployment benefits in your home country, before you can receive unemployment benefits in Denmark. 

Workers who are resident in Denmark must been a member of the Akassen for a year while working. 

The Danish government's oppose to the new rules, because it will create major problems for the Danish system and potentially open for abuse. 3F is also concerned. Eva Obdrup, 3F’s A-kasse chairman, explains to 3F-fagbladet, that:

- This proposal will unfortunately make it easy for many to utilize the Danish unemployment benefit system. We have some very lucrative services compared to other EU countries, and one could well fear it would lead to an abuse that would put the system under pressure.

The EU is still negotiating, however, what do you think as a immigrant works in Denmark? It could seem very attractive to many poor immigrant workers, but it would be very expensive for Denmark. 

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