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No results without unity

Kamil Wilczek: No results withour unity, says the proffesional football player who plays for Brøndby FC to his fellow Polish countrymen who live in Denmark.
Polski klub Kamil Wilczek

I am full of admiration of how well you are doing in Denmark,” said the Brøndby player Kamil Wilczek, when he visited the Polish Union Club in Byggefagenes Samvirke on a Sunday. About 50 Polish colleagues and their families met at the club to hear Kamil tell about his life as a proffesional football player in the top league.

I am part of Spillerforeningen, which is a union for professional football players. They support us and represent us in concerns with our employers,” Kamil said in a conversation with Robert Olejnik, who is spokesperson for the Polish Union Club.

It is important that we stick together in our workplace. Without that unity, it is difficult to uptain good results” he explained.

The Polish Union Club gathers union organized workers in building trades and other trades. At the club meetings different subjects are discussed concerning the everyday life of the visiting Polish worker. Examples spands from how to open a bank account and get a social security number, to cultural and work related questions concerning language and workplace safety.