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Polish construction worker establishes club in BJMF

PKB New immigrant-club
The Board PKB

On sunday March 24. Polish construction workers and members of BJMF founded a Polish club in BJMF, which has been named: PKB - Polski Klub Budowlany. 

After the founding general meeting, the participants celebrated their new club with Polish beer and sausages.

The Polish construction workers have, for a long time, had a joint club in the construction industry's cooperation organization for trade unions (BYG-SAM). Organized by the Polish organizer Robert Olejnik. 

But there is also a need for a Polish club in BJMF to give the Polish colleagues a voice in BJMF's union democracy and to help BJMF organize Polish colleagues. 

In addition, the club will, of course, cooperate closely with the Polish club in BYG-SAM. Just as BJMF also collaborates closely with BYG-SAM.


The Polish construction workers who founded PKB - Polski Klub Budowlany, builds there club on the experiences that Romanian and Portuguese have made before them. For every new immigrant-club that is founded in BJMF, the union becomes better at helping immigrants to organize and make activities together.

The General Assembly elected:

Robert Pawel Hnatiuk 

The Board:
Karol Bator
Karol Cieslak
Roman Aleksiejuk
Slawomir Adam Swietek
Lukasz Jerzy Klar

Congratulations on your election and congratulations to the club.