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Warm welcom at Carlsberg

Celebration: Foreign companies signed agreement with the Union
Warm Welcom at Carlsberg

Many had defied rain and morning darkness, and met Thursday morning the 21 of february at Carlsberg to welcome 13 foreign colleagues and theirs two foreign companies..

This time to celebrate the fact that the companies have signed an agreement, and not, as is usually the case when building trades are assembled, to demand an agreement. The Spanish companies are in the process of building luxury spa baths in the Carlsberg City.

"We are happy about this, but the Danish collective agreements only work if colleagues actively use them out in the workplaces," says Jakob Mathiassen, organizer in 3F-BJMF.

The companies have 13 Romanian, Spanish and Lithuanian employees who celebrated with the danish colleagues. They 13 now have to make use of the agreement they have been covered by and they must start negotiating local agreements with the trade union's help.

Coffee, rolls, banners and rain accompanied speeches by Jakob Mathiassen, and Claus Westergreen, chairman of BJMF. Along the way, the Strike Boys gave a song in the Elephant Gate.