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News from BJMF Immigrant:

A-kasse rights for migrant workers under attack!

If you have been away for a total of one year, you will be cut off for unemployment benefits for seven years


BJMF speaks English

BJMF is launching a new webpage and a Facebook page for workers who doesn't know the Danish language.

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Union Membership Among Eastern Europeans: Almost On Par With Danes

about the amount of Eastern Europeans, who become members of trade unions. 3F has experienced an upsurge in the amount of Eastern European members for a number of years. The significance of this development is very high according to union secretary Søren Heisel.

Portugues workers club in BJMF

Portuguese speaking members of BJMF starts club

The 1st of July 13 Portuguese speaking members of BJMF started a new club.

carpenter crew said stop

Carpenter crew said stop!

was so poor that a carpenter crew eventually left work.