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Romanian Club gets new life

Romanian club gets new life

The club has held a general meeting and elected a new board of directors

Marius Negrean

Every 14th benefit claimant is Eastern European

While the number of Danish citizens recieving unemployment benefits plummets, the number of Eastern Europeans recieving unemployment benefits has increased sixfold in just eight years.

Good Luck Jens Kirkegaard

Good Luck, Jens Kirkegaard!

Chairman of the Contruction Group has accepted a new job in 3F national office

Good luck Thomas Bentsen

Good luck, Thomas Bentsen!

Thomas Bentsen, former manager of BJMF's A-kasse has started new job in the national 3F A-Kasse office.


BJMF speaks English

BJMF is launching a new webpage and a Facebook page for workers who doesn't know the Danish language.