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Structure of BJMF

3F BJMF - the local trade union Building, Earth and Environment Union (Bygge jord og Miljøarbejdernes Fagforening BJMF) is a local 3F trade union in Copenhagen. In BJMF there are approx. 9,000 members spread across many different industries and jobs. Primarily construction workers, public employees and gardeners.

The general assembly is BJMF's supreme authority

Each year, a general assembly is held. Here the chairman present the annual report, and proposals for new activities will be debated and adopted.The Chairman, the A-Kasse leeder and the Treasurer are also elected on the general assembly. The rest of the Board is elected by the Service Group and the Construction Group respectively. All members can attend the general assembly, make proposals and stand for election to the Board of BJMF.

Between the general assemblys, the board is the union's supreme authority.

Between board meetings, daily management is the supreme authority. Daily management is elected for 2 years and the rest of the Board is elected for 1 year.

The groups in BJMF

As said, there are workers from many different industries in BJMF. The different industries are divided into a Building Group and a Service Group. The Building Group and the Service Group each have their chairman and board, which are elected by the Building Group and Service Group General Assemblies respectively. In the two groups, board members are also elected to the board of BJMF. All members of the group can attend the general assembly, make proposals and stand for election.

The clubs

All members in BJMF are also organized in clubs depending on what they are working with. The clubs have their own democracy with general assemblies and boards. They play a major role for those active in the trade union. Read more here.


BJMF has a total of about 65 employees, covering both management, professional secretaries, a-box, social workers, interpreters, etc. The employees are employed by the Board.


3F is Denmark's largest trade union with about 280,000 members, and 68 local unions, BJMF is one of the local unions. 3F is also part of the even larger family of unions called LO, with 1 million members. 

Congress is the top authority of 3F

Every three years there is a congress in the whole of 3F. Here, about 800 delegates from all parts of 3F meet.

Each local union must send a group of delegates according to how many members the local union has. 3F BJMF have about 20 delegates to the 3F's congress. The delegates from BJMF are elected at BJMF general assembly.

The congress is 3F's supreme authority. Between the congresses, the 3F's main board is the supreme authority. Between main board meetings, daily management is the supreme authority.

The main board and daily management are elected at the Congress.